How CPU was previously shutdown due to thermal overheat ? How to solve ?

I bought my computer in 2008 since then I didn’t find any problem in processor. But for past one month I was hearing processor’s running sound so heavily and few times i was encountered with error at the booting time saying CPU was previously shutdown due to thermal overheat. Then I pressed ENTER to continue. I asked many hardware engineers to solve the problem. They told to change the ram or clean the dust inside the CPU.

No one clearly says it was mainly processor thermal paste problem because they thought it wont affect much about it. After trying some ideas, i finally try buying thermal paste. I removed processor, heat sink fan and correctly pasted after watching his tutorial for many times. Atlast, I was able to get rid of this problem. Now my system is free from that horrible sound.


How to customize WordPress Themes for website ?

This is not my problem but what i experienced … i’m sharing

Basic things to customize WordPress theme to get rolling rapidly :

  • After entered into WordPress dashboard, select the theme you installed.
  • Settings –> General. Change your name,email id ,website name ,timing and etc,.
  • If any plugins comes with theme, notice will appear automatically, you install and activate them if needed.
  • Go to Posts, trash the sample post available. Same process goes to Pages. Reason is start with fresh creation.
  • Now create Home  page and other required pages.
  • Now go to appearance – > Menu and create primary or other menu to set it up and save them.
  • Now go to settings -> Reading and select Frontpage radio button and set home page.
  • Go to Appearance -> Widgets ,, if you are creating blog , no need to remove default widgets appearing for side menu.
  • Go to Settings ->check/tick many boxes on comments condition for avoiding comments if you are not using for blog.
  • Go to Theme options and do whatever your theme needs .
  • Also Appearance -> Customize … almost color option and all available here .
  • Finally Activate Askimet plugin in Plugins for protecting against Spam messages.

P.S – I think those who familiarized with WordPress theme for 2 or 3 theme, finds this easy 😀

How to sketch / outline an image in Photoshop ?

I Dont know how to outline an image in photoshop and then found a solution online .

Solution Steps:

  1. Open any photo to be sketched/outline in Photoshop.
  2. First change the background lock layer to layer 0(or rename it ) by double clicking on the layer.
  3. Then duplicate that layer
  4. Now with focus on duplicate layer . Go to Adjustments -> Invert . Now white color turns to black and vice versa.
  5. Now change the blending mode of layer to color dodge.
  6. Then Go to Filter -> others -> Minimum.
  7. There comes the Outline/sketch of your image.

How to jailbreak iPhone 3GS ?

Problem: My cousin’s iPhone3GS got 4.1 version which needs to be updated to latest version and also whatsapp installed. They gave to one shop and that guy charged more money for software updating. So finally it reached me. I have no experience in jail breaking iPhone but I curiously received and start doing.


  • First thing, I downloaded the required firmware from . Don’t lead to some other sites which u will not get clean firmwares.
  • I downloaded iPhone 3GS 6.1.6 firmware and for jail breaking, I downloaded redsnow from . Now stage is set.
  • In windows 7, 8 or later you should open redsnow as administrator then select “extras” –> click “select IPSW” and browse for desired iphone firmware you want to jailbreak(which downloaded) then go back, click “jailbreak” button. It will start their proceeding .(click install cydia option when prompt)
  • If iphone not connected to computer via usb , during 3rd step redsnow will give instructions which u will have to go through or follow ( DFU mode).
  • If you did in correct procedure, then I will start jailbreaking and iphone gets reboot one time.
  • Now if u think process is over? No. Because if you open iTunes, app store, cydia, safari then it will crash so we have to do “just boot” process from redsnow software again.
  • Go back and click “just boot” option and do the DFU mode again. Now 80% process completes. What 80%?
  • Jail breaking is done . Now we have to install some packages through cydia from the phone itself.
  • Above link is for installing Packages through cydia . Follow from 3.6 Point.
  • That’s it now 100% done. Now nothing will get crashed and install whatever you want.
  • Thanks

Some other Problems would exist during installation: Links follow

How to do IE(internet explorer) support/hacks ?

I created two websites and . latter one looks somewhat fine in all browsers but former one not looking great. So i decided to make some changes for in Internet explorer in which it looks bad.

I started searching for “how to do ie support” but don’t know how. Then after lot of searches, I finally found three things.

1)      Conditional classes

2)      Conditional comments

3)      Css hacks

I took up the Conditional classes which is easy like

1)      <!–[if lte IE 7]> <html class=”ie7″><![endif]–>

2)      <!–[if IE 8]>     <html class=”ie8″> <![endif]–>

3)      <!–[if IE 9]>     <html class=”ie9″> <![endif]–>

4)      <!–[if !IE]><!–> <html>           <!–<![endif]–>

Put these in between <head> tags and start styling in your main.css or style.css itself .No need to create a new css file for each browser versions.

Do styling like:

.ie7 .element {



.ie8 .element {



.ie9 .element {



This conditional classes are the best way so far I researched because if u do 2) conditional comments ,you have to write properties in separate css file for each ie version so it will take extra Http request from server while client loads your website in browsers which will affect site performances.

Atlast if u do 3) css hacks , its fine for some period of time but not for the future period as technologies getting higher for HTML5.

Source :

P.S – If u want to style only advanced CSS selectors like (first-child,last-child,first-line,first-letter,hover,focus,active) , you can use the js tool called selectivizr.js .

Other efficient tools are Modernizr.js ,Html5shiv.js . These tools comes handy and very useful.

For full details , Source ––net-16787


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Google not found check the path and try again

When i updated and opened google chrome , this problem was encountered.

Chrome application not foundI tried many solutions by

1) uninstall and reinstall again

2) download and placed it in the specific path folder

3) Downloading older version and installed them.

4) In google forum also they didnt give clear solution.

5) I went straight to C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application folder and clicked chrome application ,then it opened so i created a shortcut but it didnt work then.

None of the above worked for me so i created a temporary solution to this problem till i format the OS

The solution is

1)Press windows key + R to get a ‘Run’ command .

2) Type C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe so that it will launch the google chrome browser from there .

3)Use this method temporarily and somewhat easy to use run command and launch it.

(updated May 10,2014) Problem solved unexpectedly when i was using Notepad++ Application to run the html file on browser , i tried using Run on Chrome instead of firefox and it asked some “dont know what it is exactly” but chrome restored successfully and working pakka .

P.S – In case if u found any permanent solution ,Comment below


Eclipse: Failed to initialize Monitor Thread: Unable to establish loopback connection

Eclipse: Failed to initialize Monitor Thread: Unable to establish loopback connection

I searched many solutions from other sites and viewers and finally ripped it off .

1) Go to eclipse installed folder.

2) Find eclipse configuration file or eclipse.ini

3) Edit it by adding

at end

Like see Below


This is issue based on IPv6 Link-Local Address. Dont need to change IPv6 address .  Just adding the text in .ini file is enough.